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  • Simplified IDMP management
  • Save time and effort
  • Increased data quality
  • IDMP services

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Simplify IDMP Management

The ISO Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) standards are a set of common, global standards for data elements, formats, and terminology to identify and exchange information about medicinal products.

Imminent introduction of new IDMP standards means that soon organizations will need to capture and manage significantly more regulatory data than ever before, which is a challenge to the regulatory industry as a whole.

Data management involves significant effort because it is time-consuming and is also a costly process. With Ennov IDMP and Ennov’s IDMP services simplify the process of maintaining your IDMP submissions and changing over to this new standard.

Benefits of Ennov’s IDMP Solution

  • Easy: no technical knowledge needed
  • Efficient: improves data quality and saves time
  • Integrated with the Ennov Platform and EDMS
  • Compliant: IDMP and 21 CFR compliant
  • Expertise: being Life Science Experts, we can help you in your IDMP project.
  • Modern: built with the most modern regulatory content platfom on the market.

Ensure IDMP data quality

Ennov IDMP is a Quality controlled solution for data submissions in the new IDMP standards.

Reuse your already existing data to get additional benefits out of IDMP. Be able to retrieve and manage data, submit it to the authorities and maintain it over time; even take control of structured and unstructured documents.

Avoid copies and duplicates with smart links, which sync when new versions of documents exist. Also navigate seamlessly within all your IDMP documents and processes.

Connected to What Matters

Connect to what you’re already using day-to-day, especially when going through your submission process.

Built on top of Ennov’s regulated contents Platform, Ennov IDMP fully connects our RIM, EDMS, BPMS, and Dossier submission solutions. Benefit from IDMP and EDMS connection with IDMP controlled vocabularies, which aid in finding the right document source, or profit from reporting and analytics.

Improve data quality, increase operational efficiency, and automate notifications between your departments.

Simplify Your IDMP project

IDMP standards aim to simplify the exchange of information; however moving into IDMP is a daunting task.

Make the transition to IDMP smoother with our IDMP services. We partner with world reknowned experts to offer you a complete solution towards IDMP compliance. Contact us for help in structuring your approach towards IDMP.

Customers Love

  • Facilitates change towards IDMP
  • Increased transparency and efficiency with a user friendly and modern interface
  • Smart links to stay on top of versions and avoid duplicates
  • Integrated with the Ennov Platform
  • Aiding with IDMP services


    • Metadata oriented
    • Automated notifications
    • Track source documents
    • Controlled Vocabularies
    • Reporting and analytics of documents




Cloud-based or On Site




IDMP Ready

IDMP in our comprehensive regulatory compliance solution.

Ennov Doc

Regulatory document management

Ennov Dossier

eCTD, NeeS, vNeeS, CTD submission dossier management

Ennov IDMP

IDMP compliant product catalog

Ennov RIM

Comprehensive regulatory information management solution

Why Choose Ennov ?

Pro-active approach to regulatory information

  • Facilitate product registration in multiple countries
    • By product / product family / product type / substance
  • Track all activities with target date / deadline
    • By product type / country
    • Document versions used in different submissions
  • Planification and decision-making assistance
    • Identify gaps in submissions
    • Change impact analysis
  • Optimize
    • Use of human resources : time spent on various steps
    • Compare activities over similar products / time period

We respect your freedom of choice

  • Available as cloud or on premise; you can switch between options at any time.
  • If cloud based we offer single-tenancy to minimize version upgrade risks and validation upgrades
  • Improved security and optimized performance.
    • Data is hosted locally for total flexibility
  • Structuring AND intuitive


    From product…


    … to registration …


    … and activities

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