Manage your quality events 2x faster with Ennov QMS Software.

The most cost-efficient QMS software for CAPAS, deviations, NCs, audits and training management.

Business issue

Defining and optimizing your quality workflows to minimize costs and delays is essential. Then comes the most difficult part: the implementation of an electronic system while ensuring compliance with your industry best practices.

A QMS software solution allows you to automate the deployment of your quality events according to the steps, stakeholders and traceability rules defined in your SOPs.

Benefits of a QMS Software

  • 40% reduction in workload.
  • Get a real-time overview of all processes.
  • Automate processes in compliance with the industry requirements.
  • 10x faster to find documents.
  • Be audit ready.

Ennov’s advanced QMS Software solution

Powerful and user-friendly QMS software.

Designed with end-users in mind, Ennov QMS software’s graphical interface allows you to easily create a workflow involving multiple actors, sites or countries. From a simple form, you can:

  • Organize all the data collected.
  • Define user rights and confidentiality levels.
  • Assign tasks to all collaborators concerned by a quality event (such as Deviation, Non Conformance, Customer complaints and CAPAs).

Fully-configurable QMS software for increased efficiency.

  • Save time and automate compliance with Ennov QMS software.
  • Electronic system, automates all business processes.
  • Paperless, improves the time of approval cycles.
  • Efficiency, monitor your quality events in real-time and keep data traceability.
  • Single repository, create, modify and archived all quality data from a unique interface.
  • Easy roll-out, implement new type workflows faster without programming.

Advanced QMS software to meet your requirements 2x faster.

  • Mobile QMS: online access from responsive design web app.
  • Access your critical documents offline from Ennov iPad app available for free in the Apple Store.
  • Smart and dynamic forms to get faster to the tasks you have to accomplish now.
  • Graphical overview and  clear timeline for every quality event you are involved in.
  • User-friendly interface to design any complex workflow.
  • Intuitive drag and drop to easily define the steps, stakeholders and deadlines associated to a quality event.
  • Powerful integrated workflow engine to create any type of process and control versions.

Ennov QMS software Value Proposition:

  • Ennov QMS software natively integrates with a powerful Electronic Document Management System: you can manage your workflows and documents from a single, comprehensive platform.
  • 100% configurable with no IT skills: configure a workflow within 2 days or use a workflow with half a day of training.
  • Simple to administrate.
  • Using Workflows will only requires half a day of training.
  • Faster to implement (a few weeks).
  • Total cost of ownership optimized.
  • Adapts easily to any organizational changes.


  • Management of confidentiality levels and access rights.
  • Double signature and audit trail in compliance with FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Easily define, implement, view and monitor all quality processes with Ennov QMS software.

Ennov QMS software is based on truly-intuitive and fully-configurable forms that are automatically enriched over the processing steps. Our well-designed graphical interface will help you to streamline your quality processes:

  • Easily define, implement, view and monitor all types of quality processes.
  • View in real-time the status (in progress or complete), duties, deadline, name of the person in charge of each task thanks to Ennov QMS software’s graphical overview.

Ennov QMS software fits with all search requirements.

Easily configure views and queries in order to access all quality event information. The navigation allows to get a comprehensive overview of all your activity by filter, categorize and sort your critical processes according to the columns. Then you will be able to list all your events by priority, critical level or any other information define in the metadata. For each quality event, identify the current manager of the process step, define the status of the workflow and see at a glance the reference of the form.

Manage and control the efficiency of all your processes.

Ennov QMS software makes sure that nothing can be forgotten. Our quality management system will ensure that any quality events- such as a CAPA or a Customer Complaint- are processed on time. The form associated to a workflow allows to capture and record the information linked to every step of the process. Therefore, anyone can know in real time what the current stage of a workflow is, what has to be done and by whom.

Save time and make sure every task has been performed.

When a step is approved, it means that it has been performed. The person responsible of the next step will be automatically notified by email.

Optimize all your processes with Ennov QMS software.

With Ennov QMS software, every quality manager is able to monitor any quality incidents in real-time. With integrated dashboards and graphical view capabilities of the process, they know exactly which tasks are still pending, those completed, the persons involved and the timeframes.

Ennov QMS software simply integrates with your information system.

With Ennov QMS software:

  • Automate the start of a process upon receipt of an email with the Ennov email connector.
  • Automate the launch of a quality event when a document is entered in the repository with the Ennov scanner connector.
  • Connect to any information system with our API.
  • Synchronize with the corporate directory with the Ennov LDAP connector.

Among the multiple capabilities of Ennov QMS software, our customers love:

  • Get a graphical view of the cycle.
  • Manage library of fields.
  • Create forms easily.
  • Run tests on processes.
  • Manage time frames.
  • Manage and assign transition rules.
  • Monitor in real time.
  • Search and access information faster.
  • Configure status and dashboards.
  • Real-time statistics.
Integrating easily with other applications and fully-configurable, our customers use Ennov QMS software to:

Manage your quality processes: non-conformities, CAPAs, audits, change controls.

We internally use our QMS software to track our corrective and preventive actions, and get a clear overview of all actions, which is greatly appreciated by our certification auditors.

Manage customer claims more efficiently.

Ennov QMS software allows to address customer claims faster and more consistently. Therefore, it streamlines the analysis and the accuracy of the replies sent while ensuring compliance with the corporate policy.

You can also use Ennov QMS software to manage:

  • Business mail.
  • Approval of computer authorizations.
  • Electronic bills.
  • Monitoring of purchase and orders forms.
  • Surveys.
  • HR processes such as new arrivals, departures,  transfer , vacations management, training.
  • Requests of maintenance and malfunctions.
  • Product launch procedures.
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