Ennov V8.2 Announcement

Ennov is pleased to announce the release of version 8.2 of the Ennov Platform. Version 8.2 contains many new features that extend the functionality of the Administration Console, Ennov Doc, Ennov Process, Ennov Dossier, Ennov Training and Ennov Report. The most significant improvements have been made to Ennov Training. These enhancements include:

  • A new user interface, completely redesigned in HTML, that no longer requires Adobe Flash Player.
  • Native integration with Ennov Doc and Ennov Process.
  • Improved navigation through the dashboard.
  • Improved configuration interfaces for training modules.
  • A “Team Management” function which can used to execute the training of team members and allows the team manager to track each member’s training progress.
  • A new “Training Process” type used to configure evaluation methods.
  • Two new standard training methods are available: “Read and understood” and “Considered trained”.
  • A new configurable multiple-choice questionnaire that can used for proficiency assessments.
  • A new concept of minor/major document revisions to manage the expected training method and avoid having to repeat training on a minor revision.
  • Automatic archival of training processes once the end step is reached.

In addition to the new features, Ennov version 8.2 also includes many bug fixes and performance improvements. Ennov version 8.2 is available now for download from our Customer Portal.

For more information on Ennov’s innovative product suite, please visit us at http://www.ennov.com or email us at contact-us@ennov.com .