How Mobile EDC is Transforming Clinical Trials in 2023

January 1, 2023

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) has become an essential part of clinical trials, providing a more efficient way to collect, manage and analyze data. Mobile EDC applications, which can be run on tablets or mobile devices, offer a more user-friendly alternative to traditional EDC systems. They enable clinical researchers to easily collect data while with the patient, without the usual burdens presented by typical EDC systems.

Overview of Mobile EDC Benefits:

  • Improved data accuracy through real-time data entry
  • Reduced risk of errors or inconsistencies, leading to cost savings from reduced data cleaning and corrections
  • Increased efficiency through streamlined data collection and real-time access to EDC data
  • Reduced need for manual data entry and transcribing, allowing researchers to focus on analysis and informed decision-making
  • Cost savings through elimination of expensive hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Enables remote work, saving time and travel expenses for healthcare organizations

In recent years, mobile EDC solutions have become more advanced, with improved security features, intuitive user interfaces, and seamless integration with other devices. One of the main benefits of mobile EDC is the ability to collect data in offline mode. Recently his feature has become even more critical, with more clinical trial sites in remote areas and weak network signals. A mobile EDC solution that collects data in an offline mode should also automatically manage the data synchronization once an internet connection is available.

Another benefit of mobile EDC is the use of the device camera in order to capture a picture that can be uploaded into an EDC system. In 2023, this feature has become more prevalent, with more mobile EDC applications offering this functionality. The ability to connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices such as BP machines, glucometers, or EKG/ECG systems has also become more seamless with mobile EDC applications.

Mobile EDC solutions in 2023 also provide real-time data access, allowing clinical trial managers and other executive staff with Sponsors or CROs to have immediate access to the latest EDC data, without waiting for data to be transcribed or entered later from paper or other systems. This allows for a real-time and holistic view of the entire clinical trial and its data.

Mobile EDC has become an increasingly important tool in the current clinical trial landscape. With the rise of remote work and patient-centered care, mobile EDC applications enable researchers to collect data in a more efficient and accurate way, even when they cannot be physically present with the patient. Furthermore, the enhanced security features of mobile EDC solutions help ensure that sensitive patient data is protected in accordance with the latest privacy regulations. By adopting mobile EDC applications, clinical trial managers can better adapt to changing circumstances and maintain high-quality data collection, regardless of the challenges that may arise.

Interested in hearing more about an EDC mobile application? Ennov’s EDC Mobile application contains all of the above-mentioned features and functionality, along with many others. It can be deployed in a clinical study in conjunction with a traditional EDC system, such as the Ennov EDC application, or as a stand-alone solution. Contact us to find out more, or to schedule a live demonstration of Ennov’s Clinical Software Suite.

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