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  • Visualize your risk, compliance and efficiency
  • Instantly track progress towards meeting your KPIs
  • Provide your users with precisely what they want to know, with no configuration or customization
  • Instantly assemble reports and figures that used to take hours to create
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Capitalizing on the Promise of Following Risk-Based Approaches

Encouraged by Health Authorities, many life sciences companies have adopted risk-based approaches throughout the organization. But effective risk management programs require data to identify the trends and outliers that can help companies anticipate and mitigate risk. Often, that data exists in multiple places, creating a burden on those who are responsible for gathering, aggregating and interpreting it.

Graphical Representations of Your Data That Are Flexible, Powerful and Beautiful

Ennov solutions use our native data visualization capabilities to provide dashboards and reports that will become a key component of your risk management strategy.  Each dashboard focuses on a specific set of user needs related to progress and achievements, upcoming and overdue activities, or risk areas.


Ennov Analytics dashboards and reports can also incorporate data from other enterprise systems, even if those systems are not provided by Ennov. This allows you to reap some of the benefits of a unified enterprise system even if you are not ready to migrate all of your technology to a single platform.

Use Our Preconfigured Dashboards – Or Adjust to Your Exact Needs

Each Ennov solution comes preconfigured with a set of dashboards designed to answer common business questions.  Wherever possible, these dashboards are based on published industry sources such as the TransCelerate Risk Library, Gens & Associates World Class Regulatory Information Management (RIM) Whitepaper, and more. End users can filter and sort data in a variety of ways to meet their exact needs, and export images and text tables for use in external reports, presentations and emails.


In addition, Ennov Analytics technology is built to meet the unique needs of your business operations. Ennov dashboards and reports can easily be added or reconfigured – by us or you – to help you to manage and improve your operations.

Core Capabilities

Key Features

Ennov Platform

Ennov’s unified compliance platform is a highly configurable software architecture that combines  business process management, document management, data/forms management, learning management and business intelligence to form the foundation on which our applications are constructed. 


Ennov Document

Unified Access to All Documents for Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Ennov Data

Data and Advanced Life Cycle Management with a Unified Repository

Ennov Analytics

Graphical Representations of Your Data That Are Flexible, Powerful and Beautiful

Ennov Workflow

Improve Operational Efficiency and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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100% web-based. Highly scalable. User-centric design.

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We make you autonomous

System configuration and management require no IT skills.

Improved security and optimized performance

Data is hosted locally for total flexibility. Single-tenancy minimizes business interruptions.

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