ENNOV Pharmacovigilance SUITE

Signal Detection and Management
Next Generation PV Software

  • Detailed analyses and graphical output with key statistical measures
  • Fully searchable repository of all signal management activity
  • Dashboard provides signals in various stage of work-up “at a glance”
  • Review data and evaluate signal evolution 
  • Highly configurable workflows that align with your risk management processes
  • Integration with qualitative and quantitative review of adverse event data
capture and manage Clinical Trial information

Signal Detection

The Signal Identification Challenge

Implementing a process to identify potential signals is essential.  Ennov’s PV solution contains a comprehensive signal detection and data mining tool. The application, designed for use out-of-the-box by business users, offers a broad array of statistics as well as powerful data cubing and visualization functionality.


With the solution you can rapidly calculate key statistical measures that are widely used by regulatory authorities such as PRR, ROR, and MGPS and apply smart stratification to examine the database and detect where customizable thresholds have been exceeded.  The application integrates easily with other PV solutions, and various external data sources to increase flexibility in preparing such important metrics.

Core Capabilities

Key Features

Signal Management

Pharmacovigilance Signal Management Software

Take advantage of a fully searchable repository of all signal management activity, allowing users to review previous data and conclusions and evaluate the evolution of a given signal over time. It includes configurable workflows that are aligned with your risk management processes. 

Upon completion of a signal workup, a “Signal Summary Report”  is automatically generated, documenting when and how the signal was identified as well as the information collected throughout the signal evaluation and analysis process. 


It can be integrated with other innovative Ennov products used for the qualitative and quantitative review of adverse event data. Signals derived from the robust set of built-in statistical analyses included with the solution are populated via our REST API and used to record signal information and its defined risk level.

Core Capabilities

Key Features

Ennov Pharmacovigilance

An End-To-End Solution for Collecting, Reporting and Analyzing Human and Vet PV Data

Ennov’s Pharmacovigilance suite keeps the collection, management, assessment, and reporting of human or veterinary adverse events in one unified database while also providing advanced signal detection and PV data analysis tools.

Signal Detection & Management

A Fully Searchable Repository of All Signal Detection and Management Activity

Case Intake, Triage & Reporting

Powerful, Holistic, and Scalable Case Solution

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