Ennov Partners

Building Business Relationships to Accelerate Your Success

Services Partners

Expanding capabilities to meet customer needs

Because Ennov software is so easy to administer and requires no IT skill to configure, many of our customers elect to implement the software themselves after receiving the requisite training.  And, while Ennov provides a full compliment of implementation, training and support services,  occasionally our customers require professional services that are outside those that our company routinely provides.  These services can include, but are not limited to: 

  • data extract, cleansing and staging associated with data migration
  • bespoke system integrations
  • bespoke system interfaces
  • validation script execution
  • customized or computer-based training
  • local language or geography-specific support
In these instances, Ennov may refer our customers to one or more of our professional services partners who are equipped with the skills required to ensure the project is completed on-time, within budget and with the highest degree of quality possible.

VAR Partners

Adding value to our partners solutions

As an Ennov Value Added Reselling (VAR) partner, you have the ability to include the robust functionality of the Ennov Compliance Platform within your existing software product portfolio.  Ennov Platform products are completely open to integration with third party software thanks to Ennov’s REST API, giving you the flexibility you need to extend the functionality of your existing products. Third party applications can search, access, modify, create documents or workflows within Ennov, leveraging the inherent power of the Ennov Compliance Platform. This web API can be called from any programming environment or application platform. VAR partners can deliver private labeled and individually branded solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

Channel Partners

Extending our reach to all corners of the globe

In geographies where Ennov does not have a physical market presence, we rely on our Channel Partners to provide demand generation, direct sales and sales support for the Ennov solution suite.  Our partners provide technological, industry and local market expertise to help extend our commercial capabilities. Ennov works closely with our Channel Partners to provide them with comprehensive product training and local language sales tools so they are well equipped to help organizations around the world take full advantage of Ennov solutions

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