commercial suiteEnnov Commercial Suite
A total solution to manage Events, Transparency, Contracts, and Promotional Materials

Professional Event Management for Life Sciences and Healthcare

Well organized and effectively managed professional events are essential to achieving your marketing goals. These events, when executed successfully, will boost recognition of your brand and products among industry peers and key opinion leaders. But the planning and tracking of the activities required for successful events can be complex and comes with a risk.

Ennov Commercial is a comprehensive software solution for all aspects of pharmaceutical events while providing visibility and control over the logistics, budgets and regulatory compliance. Ennov Commercial provides contract management solutions, such as: automated contract generation, electronic signatures, as well as legal validation and traceability. Ennov Commercial also permits tracking, reviewing, and approval of marketing assets to meet product launch timelines. Optimize information flows and traceability throughout the entire life cycle of promotional materials.


  • A single authoritative source: Manage and track all Regulatory documentation, dossiers and data within a single application to streamline operations and increase efficiency.
  • Improved performance: Eliminate manual, paper-based processes and record keeping. Automate repetitive and error-prone tasks to achieve productivity gains.
  • Global connectivity: Foster collaboration across organizational and geographic boundaries with a common harmonized solution that features an intuitive user interface with local language capabilities.
  • Increased visibility: Gain valuable insights into business operations to identify and prevent problematic trends before they lead to quality issues.

Events and Transparency

Ennov Commercial is a comprehensive software solution for planning, organizing and monitoring all aspects of professional events including conferences, congresses, symposiums and customer communities while providing visibility and control over the logistics, budgets and regulatory compliance.

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Contract Management

Create templates, agreements, and other event related documents with Ennov Commercial’s intuitive document creator and editor. Once a contract is generated, the template will automatically populate the necessary merge fields, all while allowing user modifications to include event-specific information.

With advanced workflow capabilities, users can create validation processes to fit their specific needs. Contract versioning and collaborative authoring allows for a streamlined processing.

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Promotional Materials

Ennov Commercial consolidates disparate documents and processes in a unified document repository. Ennov Commercial’s scalability and security enables you to safely manage large volumes of documents – making it the perfect solution for global deployments. Optimize the review and approval of marketing assets to align with product launch timelines, all while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements. Track contributions and reviews on each piece of material, consolidate them and finalize the content before it can be formally approved. With optimized processes and secured traceability, the Ennov Commercial solution streamlines the entire lifecycle of promotional materials.

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