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Advanced Process Management

The Ennov platform includes its own workflow engine that provides advanced capabilities. Workflows are used in Ennov Training, Ennov eTMF and Ennov RIM. They allow control of the sequencing of tasks and data modification while providing visibility across the organization.


Workflows are entirely configurable by functional administrators (through a graphical interface). Coherence checks are performed whenever you save modifications in order to make sure they do not cause inconsistencies. Thus, Ennov guarantees workflows are coherent and reliable.

Highly Configurable and Dynamic Workflows

Each Ennov workflow is associated with a configurable form. Data entry is facilitated using dynamic sections that are displayed – or not – depending on previously entered field values (for example: the type of Incident). The connected user enters free text, selects values in picklists and adds additional files when needed. An electronic signature can also be required to complete a workflow step. If a field is editable at multiple steps, you can see the history of its values in the Ennov audit trail.


It is possible to create workflows that include several branches; depending on conditions set on metadata values, the workflow will be oriented one way or another. This makes it possible to cover different cases with a single workflow.

Ennov also offers the ability to initiate sub-processes: for example CAPAs launched from a Change Control, or Regulatory Activities created as part of an Activity Plan. Records that are linked together can exchange metadata (using inheritance mechanisms), which facilitates day-to-day work and eliminates the need for double entry. It is also possible to prevent the completion of the parent process as long as sub-processes are underway. 


Escalation rules can be implemented if a workflow task or a process stays inactive for too long. In addition, Ennov includes a delegation feature so that processes are not blocked when a person is away from the office.

Facilitate Responsibilities and Deadlines

Responsibilities and deadlines are set in each workflow based on the management rules that are applicable in your organization. You can check at a glance who did what, if a task is late, if there is a bottleneck at some point of the processing, etc. Ennov offers powerful monitoring capabilities; managers see what percentage of workflows are completed, how many are initiated every month, what is the average processing time for a given step… Real-time KPIs are available by product, by country or by site, which provides a precious tool to evaluate and improve operational efficiency while planning future activities.


Ennov workflows can include automatic processing  steps; the REST API also enables advanced integration to external systems.

Core Capabilities

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Ennov Platform

Ennov’s unified compliance platform is a highly configurable software architecture that combines  business process management, document management, data/forms management, learning management and business intelligence to form the foundation on which our applications are constructed. 


Ennov Document

Unified Access to All Documents for Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Ennov Data

Data and Advanced Life Cycle Management with a Unified Repository

Ennov Analytics

Graphical Representations of Your Data That Are Flexible, Powerful and Beautiful

Ennov Workflow

Improve Operational Efficiency and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

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