Controlled and Optimized Customer Complaint Management

Streamlined Solution for a Sensitive Process

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Business Problem

Handling Complaints – a Key Issue

The management of customer complaints and other feedback is an area requiring specific attention within some companies. Social networks accentuate this trend, with negative comments having more impact than positive ones. Control of the internal process for monitoring dissatisfaction is necessary. It is based on an objective and communicable measure of process performance.

A Complex and Delicate Process to Manage

The quality of customer complaint handling is an argument put forward by many companies. However, it is difficult to assess, maintain and improve. This is a complex process, involving:

Only a solution combining speed, historical recording and process management can reduce response times and improve the perception of the service being provided.

Workflow software controlling customer complaints processing satisfies the organizational, strategic and operational objectives of this process:

Proposed Solution

Coordination of Activities

The Ennov Process workflow software allows to coordinate the different activities being performed. It enables a complaint handling process to be put online (definition of the stages, participant, required information and deadlines). Process modeling is fast, flexible and can be revised as needed.

Electronically Capture Incoming Information

The complaint registration form is filled in by an operator or automatically created and filled in from an incoming stream (e-mail or paper mail – a connector then issues the complaint based on the information collected). The complaint is placed in the list of tasks of the participants concerned.

Retrieve and Update Customer Data

The openness of the Ennov Process workflow software and its ability to be quickly integrated with other information systems such as CRM or ERP is a considerable asset. Native connections to external databases allow effortless linking of complaint registration to the customer base.

Key Features for Managing Customer Complaints

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Hundreds of corporate customers trust Ennov

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