Control and Accelerate Product Launches

Automating the process reduces time to market

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Business Problem

Reduce the Time of Product Launch by 80%

Significantly compressing the launch time for a new product is possible with Ennov Process Business Process Management (BPM) software. In a few clicks, you can define information, participants and management rules to share and exchange information related to the launch. Every new product launch is a race against time.  A fast “time to market” is a key competitive advantage for most companies.

The design and development phase for a new product requires time – this comes with the territory. However the logistical and administrative preparation for the launch is often longer than necessary.  This is due mostly to the complexity of the process, the involvement of multiple departments and sites and the large amount of information that must be collected.

The Ennov Process BPM software automates the product launch process, reducing the cycle time by 80%, the average benefit realized by customers.

Proposed Solution

Coordination of a Large Number of Stakeholders

Ennov Process allows you to fully model and automate the product launch process. The data and dates are controlled and the participants in the process are perfectly coordinated.

Each step of the process is formalized as are its relationships with the other steps and estimated completion times.

BPM software is an important tool in streamlining the product launch process, which can involve executive management, R&D, marketing, finance, sales, logistics, production, quality and IT at various stages.

Interactions with Other Business Applications

The product launch process can involve many different departments within the company as well as the enterprise systems they rely on each day to run the buisness. Ennov Process BPM software facilitates interactions between business applications such as CRM, ERP, accounting software, product databases to further streamline the process and reduce cycle times.

Managing Large Volumes of Data

The information required for the launch is entered into an electronic  form which serves as the identity form for the launch. This form is updated and routed until the launch is completed.

Several hundred pieces of information must be collected and processed. Therefore it is important to have a robust and easy to use solution, which makes it possible to show or hide certain data fields depending on the person or department receiving it.

A Configurable Interface for Fast Processing

The Ennov Process BPM software provides an intuitive interface adapted to each person’s role in the process.  This results in rapid task turnaround, a key adoption factor for BPM software.

Supervise the Launch Process

In addition, Ennov Process reduces the risk of error thanks to integrated data consistency control mechanisms:

The implementation of Ennov Process often provides the opportunity to re-design the process and simplify it by retaining only key information while responsibilities and deadlines are clearly maintained.

Easily Adapted for Different Products

Ennov Process allows a main process to be adapted to particular cases.

These include both the type of product and the production site as each may have requirements that will impact the workflow or  information to be processed. The BPM software allows in a single database to manage several intersecting  workflows, possibly under the responsibility of different administrators.

Monitor the Launch

The process monitoring tools make it possible at any time to know the progress of the forms and to identify the departments involved at a given time.

The statistical functions allow you to quantify time savings and to have a comprehensive view of the progress of all product launches.

Why Choose Ennov

Hundreds of corporate customers trust Ennov

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Hundreds of corporate customers trust Ennov

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