We are proud to announce the release of Ennov 9!
A new major software release focused on data visualization and business intelligence.

Introducing Ennov Dashboards!

Graphical representations of your data that are flexible, powerful and beautiful.

Encouraged by Health Authorities, many life sciences companies have adopted risk-based approaches throughout the organization. But effective risk management programs require data to identify the trends and outliers that can help companies anticipate and mitigate risk. Often, that data exists in multiple places, creating a burden on those who are responsible for gathering, aggregating and interpreting it.


With Ennov 9, we have chosen to focus on data visualization and creating dashboards that will become a key component of your risk management strategy. Ennov Dashboards can easily be configured to meet the unique needs of your business operations. Ennov Dashboards can also incorporate data from from other enterprise systems, even if those systems are not provided by Ennov. To learn more about Ennov Dashboards or to schedule a demo, scroll down and send us an information request.