Top 25 Pharmaceutical Company Selects Ennov for Global Regulatory Information Management

May 10, 2019
Top 25 pharma rim ennov

Ennov is pleased to announce the selection of Ennov RIM by one of Pharmaceutical Executive’s “Top 25 Companies” for the management of their global Regulatory information.

Currently, the company utilizes various systems in different regions to track Regulatory information; however, none of these systems are considered to be a complete Regulatory Information Management (RIM) solution.

Additionally, product registrations have become increasingly complex considering the company’s large and diverse portfolio. By implementing a global RIM system, the company will benefit from a single, harmonized authoritative source for all pertinent Regulatory data. Their main objective is a standard system that is implemented specifically for the management and tracking of product details, registration information and regulatory activities.

Ennov RIM is a purpose-built application for the management and tracking of therapeutic product details and registration information. Whether you are planning the launch of a new product or handling variations to existing registrations, Ennov RIM provides Regulatory personnel with the key information and functionality to effectively manage your product portfolios worldwide.

“We are very pleased to add another Top 25 pharmaceutical company to the growing list of Ennov RIM clients around the world,” said Ennov CEO Olivier Pâris. “This selection is testament to our continuous product innovation and our commitment to helping our clients achieve success in their most important business initiatives.”

About Ennov

Headquartered in Paris, France and with offices in the UK and US, Ennov has been developing innovative, powerful and easy-to-use software for document and process management for over twenty years.

Using the knowledge and best practices gained from more than 150 Life Sciences customers and over 500 total customers, Ennov has designed and built solutions specifically for the health and life sciences sectors for Quality, Pharmacovigilance, Clinical Operations and Regulatory Affairs.

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