Ennov Announces the Release of Version 9.4

October 28, 2022

Ennov, a provider of innovative software solutions for the life sciences industry, is pleased to announce the release of version 9.4 of its unified compliance platform.

The latest version includes many enhancements that are in line with Ennov’s policy of continuous product improvement.

Version 9.4 brings improved usability  by optimizing the speed of access to information. Specifically, the use of a new view management technology results in  performance gains of 100%: tens of thousands of data records are presented in a fraction of a second.

In addition, this version further enhances the object management features (based on EDO technology) and the data inheritance features.  Both of these features are used heavily in Ennov’s  Regulatory Information Management (RIM) and Clinical Trial Management (CTMS) solutions.

Finally, this release includes several significant new features including: 

  • For the RIM solution and its xEVMPD extension: easier management of links, management of controlled change and comparison of xEVMPD messages for submission optimization.
  • For 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and audit trail management: extensions of sorting and exporting formats and easier access for the user.
  • For document management, enhanced security with the possibility to restrict access to edit  and view source documents independent of access to the associated form. This  allows the management of “blinded documents” within  an eTMF.
  • Finally, the new version of Ennov Dossier module is significantly enhanced : incremental publication management of eCTD dossiers, reference leaf management, and a new add-on module allowing direct import of files and/or sequences from the web interface.

“Ennov version 9.4 is particularly aimed at users of the platform’s Regulatory solutions. It offers them great features, and even better flexibility in the processing of information.  And as always, a special focus is put on security, with new updates.”

James Deleuse, Chief Service Delivery Officer at Ennov

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