Webinar: Ever Increasing PV cases?
Discover a Scalable PV Software Database

30 minutes to discover the modularity of a PV and MD software database taking into account your needs evolution.

Nov 23rd at 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM CEST | 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM EST

Our 80 PV-MD clients worldwide have grown in their PV activity thanks to our PV scalable software: whether you are a Pharmaceutical Laboratory, a Medical Equipment Manufacturer, a Biotech, a Sanitary Agency, a CRO, a CSO, or an Academic, join us to use the PV modules adapted to your current PV activity.


The PV247 software database is part of the Ennov unified platform as the scalable ENNOVative Pharmacovigilance solution.


It covers all the steps of a pharmacovigilance (or medical device vigilance) regulatory process: case intake, triage and reporting, signal detection and management.


These integrated capabilities ensure the control of quality and deadlines of your vigilance activity in compliance with the authorities’ requirements.

  • Depending on your volume of cases, you may need or not,
    • Easy gradual packages evolution
    • Automated functionalities
    • Enhanced capabilities
    • Specific configurations
  • Depending on your activity, you may need or not,
    • Pre-market study cases reporting
    • Post-market follow up cases reporting
    • Both
  • Depending on your products evolution, you may need or not,
    • To have access to medicines products cases reporting only
    • To have access to medical device products cases reporting only
    • To have access to both kind of products
  • Depending on your preferences, you may need or not specific workflows configuration
  • Depending on your geographical area, you may need or not the offline capture of cases

All these parameters can be considered in our scalable solution whenever your needs vary in time.

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