Enhancing Technology Strategy for Efficient Clinical Development

April 1, 2023

As clinical trial complexity increases, life sciences companies must have a technology strategy that supports research, development, and commercial business units. A recent Gartner report, “Navigate a Path to Digital With the Life Science Clinical Development Landscape and Definition of Terms,” provides valuable insights into how organizations can enhance their technology strategy to support clinical development.

Every month, Ennov offers a new complimentary Gartner report that provides recommendations and guidance for healthcare and life science organizations looking to stay ahead of the fast-paced industry landscape. By keeping up with the latest trends and research, you can make informed decisions that enhance innovation, efficiency, and cost savings.

The report highlights the need for life science companies to focus on expedited product research and development and recommends that CIOs support their business teams by providing solutions that offer greater data visibility and a more responsive data analytics architecture. Life science companies can benefit from deploying newer, digital solutions with built-in trial performance metrics to help “close the loop” on end-to-end processes in clinical operations, creating a virtuous cycle and paving the way for continuous improvement.

CIOs must educate their teams on the clinical process to better gauge technology solution requirements and eliminate roadblocks to quality trial operations. Life science companies can benefit from adopting a horizontal process approach that enables clinical operations leaders to have full visibility into the overall process, tweak process components based on observations, and compress cycle times while leveraging data and resources effectively.

Garter also recommends that life science companies build integrated clinical platforms with a focus on packaged business capabilities. This approach allows CIOs and business leaders to take a unified, horizontal view of trial processes across separate departments, systems, databases, and trial phase gates. These companies should select vendors that are well-adapted to technology trends, including cloud operating models and digitalization.

Partnering with well-reputed vendors can have positive business outcomes for life science companies. These vendors have the expertise and resources to provide solutions that are aligned with the latest technology trends. By leveraging these solutions, life science companies can reduce costs, improve trial efficiency, and accelerate the time to market for their products. Overall, working with well-reputed vendors can provide life science companies with a competitive advantage in the clinical development landscape.

Identified as a key vendor by Gartner, Ennov can help life science companies streamline business processes, reduce time to market, and improve clinical trial efficiency. Our team of experts can help these companies adopt a horizontal process approach, build integrated clinical platforms, and select vendors that are well-adapted to technology trends. With Ennov, life science companies can enhance their technology strategy for efficient clinical development, deliver better business outcomes, and improve patient outcomes.

Contact us today to see how our unified platform can help streamline your clinical development processes.

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