Ennov Announces Strategic Acquisition of Calyx’s ‘Enterprise Technology’ Division

February 9, 2024

In a landmark move for the life sciences industry, Ennov has acquired the ‘Enterprise Technology’ division from Calyx. This acquisition significantly expands Ennov’s portfolio by integrating the advanced eClinical and eRegulatory solutions from Calyx’s ‘Enterprise Technology’ division, previously part of Parexel. This division is renowned for its flagship Regulatory solution suite, known in the market as Liquent InSight, which provides integrated eCTD publishing and Regulatory Information Management capabilities. This solution represents a key component of Calyx’s offerings and is highly regarded for its impact and innovation in streamlining drug development processes.

This acquisition not only enriches Ennov’s product suite but also solidifies its dedication to addressing the evolving needs of the life sciences industry with unparalleled flexibility and accuracy. Additionally, this strategic move significantly enlarges Ennov’s global footprint. Ennov’s established presence in Europe and Southeast Asia, combined with Calyx’s strong foothold in the United States and India, creates a comprehensive and powerful global network. 

Highlights of the Acquisition: 

Visionary Integration for Industry Advancement 

“Our mission at Ennov has always been to empower life sciences organizations with the most efficient and compliant software solutions. The acquisition of ‘Enterprise Technology’ from Calyx is a testament to our commitment to this mission. This move expands our global footprint, reinforcing our position as a key player in the life sciences software industry.”

Olivier Pâris, President of Ennov 

“We were looking to build on the long-term development of our solutions and offer our customers the most attractive prospects, working with a reliable partner who is committed to the sector and technologically advanced. With Ennov, we are confident we have met our match.”

David Herron, CEO of Calyx 

Broadening Service Spectrum and Client Support 

The intent behind acquiring ‘Enterprise Technology’ is to offer an enriched array of compliance management solutions to the life sciences industry. Clients from ‘Enterprise Technology’ are set to receive the exceptional service they have always enjoyed, now augmented by Ennov’s comprehensive support and capabilities. This ensures a seamless continuity in service excellence for every client. 

Merging Expertise for Enhanced Regulatory Compliance 

The joining of Ennov and ‘Enterprise Technology’ brings together a lot of industry knowledge and regulatory expertise. This partnership is set to create new and innovative solutions that follow the strictest regulatory rules, helping clients handle compliance challenges more confidently. 

Innovating Together for Complex Industry Challenges 

“The integration of ‘Enterprise Technology’ is a milestone achievement for Ennov,” emphasized Olivier Pâris. “It not only amplifies our service portfolio but also reaffirms our dedication to resolving the multifaceted challenges faced by our clients. Through this acquisition, we enhance our suite of solutions, highlighting our commitment to innovation, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.” 

This merger is met with enthusiasm from both entities, eager to explore the innovations, growth opportunities, and heightened customer satisfaction that this partnership is anticipated to bring to the life sciences industry. 

About Calyx 

Through innovative eClinical solutions and services, Calyx turns the uncertain into the reliable, helping bring new medical treatments to market faster. With deep expertise in clinical development and more than 25 years of supporting trial sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs), Calyx harnesses that intelligence and activates its potential to solve complex problems, deliver fast insights, and get new drugs to market every day.   

About Ennov  

Ennov provides a comprehensive software platform to manage the most demanding processes of life sciences organizations in a compliant and efficient way. With over 20 years of experience, Ennov’s cloud-based solutions cover Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance, Quality, Clinical, and Document Management. Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Ennov’s solutions are used by more than 500 companies and 150,000 users worldwide, helping them to bring their products to market faster while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements. 

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