Preconfigured risk management solution

 Adaptable without IT intervention.

Generic workflow platform

Business Problem

The “single document” – a regulatory obligation in France

The “single occupational risk assessment” document is a regulatory requirement for all companies in France. Its availability to staff and other stakeholders is binding on the employer.

It identifies and assesses all the risks to which employees are exposed as a result of their work.

There are two aspects to the complexity of occupational risk management:

  • Risk analysis. Specific to each organization, it depends on the activity, the exposure to the nuisances, and the existing means of prevention. This analysis concludes with an inventory of the risks incurred by employees, often grouped by family, and associated with work positions. This work is long and tedious, but it is a necessary prerequisite for risk management.
  • Risk management. Once the risk has been identified, it is associated with a form that indicates its criticality. Each form shall be evaluated at least once a year. The “single document” must be able to be produced at any time from these files.


The benefit of generic workflow software

The Ennov Process workflow software has been implemented in many companies to computerize the management of risk forms and produce the “single risk assessment document”, mandatory since 2001.

It offers an operational risk management solution, but also a generic workflow management platform. You can implement any other workflow types, especially quality workflows, of which Ennov is a specialist.


Dynamic risk and action management

Ennov Process workflow software provides a complete solution to automate risk management:

  • Creation of a form record per risk and per position (or function, site, etc., depending on the level chosen)
  • Action plan management. Each action has its own workflow, in connection with the risk (their progress can lead to modify the level of risk)
  • Facilitates the annual review of risk forms, mandatory in France
  • Export, information formatting, production of the “single document”

Proposed Solution

Overall management of risk

  • Management of a nuisance thesaurus (risk tree defined by each organization) to which risk sheets will be associated
  • Use of the risk forms on the various positions of the organization by qualifying the criticality of the risk incurred, according to the seriousness of the possible damage and the frequency of exposure
  • Assessments of the risk incurred by personnel for each nuisance (nuisance and damage; potential criticality, possible aggravating factors, means of remedying them) can be carried out and give rise to action plans, and their monitoring.


Risk form

  • Management of a typology of risks (tree)
  • Management of a typology of exposed positions or recovery of the information from HR databases
  • Risk assessment matrix by frequency and severity
  • Management of creation and last update dates
  • Automatic holding of records to be re-evaluated
  • Change history
  • Link with the “means of prevention” form


Generation of the “single occupational risk assessment” document

  • Inclusion of a “single document” template that can be modified and customized by each organization
  • Automated edition of the “single document” (according to the model), and export of risks on demand or annually according to this model


Action Plans

  • Initiating an action plan from a risk form or linking an existing action to a risk form
  • Action forms have their own processing circuit, their supervision is simple
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the action plan
  • Automatic filling of the risk form with the information from the action forms



  • Powerful navigation and search tools
  • Full text search, in the forms and their possible attachments
  • Multi-criteria search (for example: all records not updated for 10 months on this site)
  • Typical Queries can be saved for future re-use
  • Export of results for reprocessing and analysis

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